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Usually the first question people ask when they're thinking about a new website is: "how much is it going to cost?" Its a fair question and the answer is that it depends very much on what they want. For example: how many pages will the website have; will it feature photo & video content; is a logo required?

Therefore, Green Shed Media charge a fixed hourly rate of £30 an hour for all digital work. To give you some idea of how this translates to your site:

A standard sized web page usually takes between two and five hours to complete. So a small five page website, like the site you're currently viewing, will cost somewhere between £300 and £750.

If you require a domain name, this can be arranged at the market value. Most UK domain names cost around £12 per year. A '.com' extension is slightly more expensive. We can also arrange hosting for your site at the market rate.

Once your website is up and running - any additional support and future updates are also charged at the same hourly rate of £30 per hour.

If you want an awesome looking website at a reasonable price then you've come to the right place.

Discuss your proposed website - no obligation to commit

If you're thinking about commissioning a website but you're not sure, then do get in touch and we can explore the options available to you, and estimate how much it will cost.
Theres no obligation to go ahead.